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liked It: 98134 votes directors: Robert Eggers year: 2019 runtime: 1Hour 49 M Story: The Lighthouse is a movie starring Robert Pattinson, Willem Dafoe, and Valeriia Karaman. Two lighthouse keepers try to maintain their sanity whilst living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 90s User Rating: 7,8 / 10

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How long have we been waiting for this movie? 5 weeks? 2 days? Help me to recollect. William Dafoe is such a good person. Deleted scenes from Spongebob. “Went to see The lighthouse?” “Went mad he did”. Getting into argument with friend: Friend: May Neptune strike you dead! Me: What? Friend: What.

He let himself go bad! He looks real ruff. Not a good movie, I came in very open minded, it was very try hard artsy type of shit. Not my cup of tea, even though I like these types of movies, this one is just try hard. Dafoe: WHAT? Pattinson: WHAT? Stone Cold Steve Austin: WHAT? Dafoe: WHAT. This video must be super confusing to people who havent seen the movie. Willen Dafoe is really good actor, he can even fart on cue. This film is amazing. Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of this trailer. Beauty of Glass. I never even caught the siren blaring in the background 0:. Will you make The Beauty of Midsommar. Love this movie ??. This movie is a modern masterpiece, and will be considered a classic of the genre in the years to come. Period. This movie was fucking amazing. top 10 favorite of all time.

I think that Adam Sandler is gonna get a comeback.


Willem Defoe doing a lil leg dance is beautiful to the eye.







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